The Void Crisis is a global phenomenon characterised by parts of the world dissapearing and zones of unstable energy being left in its wake. The magnitude of the event can be as small as a 30 meter diameter or be large enough to consume entire cities.

The process starts as cracks forming in the ground followed by small tremours in the atmosphere. Then the cracks spread exponensially and veins of dark energy spread out of the cracks and latch on to surrounding archetecture. The zone consequently darkens and violently shakes while fading out of existence. At the final stage of a void zone, the affected area completely decomposes and is replaced with a chaos storm . The nature of these events are currently unknown.

Void zones appear once every few months, depending on the country and as such, they are occurrences that warrent global concern. While research is still being conducted, there has been nothing conclusive made publicly available.

This event has yet to be resolved. Certain countries have developed technology to contain the events, but not stop them. Technology has also been developed to pinpoint the epicentre of the void zone, up to half an hour before they occur, giving teams time to get in, evacuate the area and contain the zone, this takes the form of using devices, placed on the circumference of the affected area and setting up a permanent force field.


  • Not everyone can be evacuated in time and are trapped in the void zone.
  • It is rumoured that Mentalists cause these void zones to occur by using their powers too much and weakening the fabric of space/time. This has been unproven, research is still being conducted, there is supporting evidence in the form of the fact that a Mentalist's power is more potent in the precence of a developing void zone.
  • The first void zone materialised during the Class 1 Riots and the effort to recover from it played a major part in ending the conflict