Powers are paranormal or abnormal abilities that are able to be exhibited by Class 1 human beings also known as Archs or Arch Sapiens, while those wtihout powers are Class 0.

An Arch Sapien is almost indistinguishable from a class 0 human being apart from an Arch's physical characteristic of having their eyes glow a certain colour when they are particularly stresed, exited or when they have used their powers for extended periods of time.

The first powers were witnessed during the events of The Revelation and since then have become a mundane aspect of human life.

With the exception of the first Hyperkinetics in The Revelation, Archs develop their powers during adolescence, however there have been exceptions of people exhibiting powers moments after birth, or even years into their adult lives.

While powers seem to be random and unique depending on the Class 1 Arch exhibiting them, organisations such as C.I.P.A have managed to observe patterns and classifications for the abilities. While there are slight variations, the categories are:


Pushing mundane human ability to its limits by manipulating oneself on an atomic level.

See Hyperkinetics


The ability to accelerate and manipulate elemental reactions and atmospheres.

See Elementalism

Mental Manipulation

The ability to influence the material world with complete sensory control over mental synapses

See Mental Manipulation

Use of powers

No matter the category of an Arch's power, their power is increasingly less potent when they do not have full use of their hands and arms. This was discovered during the Class 1 Riots in the Asian Isles where both Mentalists and Hyperkinetics were subdued by finding ways to bind their hands together.


  • While some archs discover their powers in infancy, they have no ability to actually use them. An infant Arch is simply identifiable by their eyes glowing during moments of intense emotion be it laughter, stress or exasperation