The European Archipelagos, also known as Europe, New Europe or the Archipelagos is a vastly changed continent that was reshaped during The Upheaval and is now a set of closely linked islands broken off from a now near uninhabitable mainland Europe due to the Chaos Storms, located on the world's westernmost peninsula. The Archipelagos is south of the Arctic Ocean, east of the Atlantic Ocean to the west and North of the Mediteranean Sea.

The culture is an amalgamation of Italian, British, French and German influence.

The Archipelagos can be further broken down to the remnants of Great Britain which is located to the north along with fragments of Norway, Denmak and Sweeden. The central region houses parts of France, Poland and Gernany while the rest of the island chain is surrounded by parts of Eastern Europe.

Russia is still considered a part of Europe, but not part of the Archipelagos. Russia has infact been split into two seperate countries, simply known as East Russia and West Russia. English remains the dominant language in the Archipelagos although the other languages are still spoken and taught as a means of preserving cultural identity.

Around 40% of the European population are Archsapiens, with about 60% of that population being hyperkinetic, 30% being Mentalist and 10% being Elementalist.