The Dark Expanse is the name given to a dispirate dimension that exists in a parallel plane of existence.

The dark expanse was formed when the twin celestial worlds collided in an all out war that caused The Upheaval as a side effect and exists as a land that fuses elements of the Ebon world, Caeles and the corporeal world and as such it appears as nothing more than an amalgamated mess that incorperates elements of all the worlds. It is impossible to actually pinpoint the Dark Expanse's geographical location due to the fact that it exists in a completely seperate reality. It is unclear if it is an alternate dimension or just another partially habitable planet.

The dark expanse is formed of many illusions, mirrages and logic defying landscapes such as floating castles from the Ebon world, perpetually flowing watrfalls from Caeles as well as many Landscapes from the corporeal world that are bought in through void zones.

Access to the Dark ExpanseEdit

Around the year 385 ATU. ICARUS devised ways to enter the dark expanse through technology that utilises Ebinum, a residual material that is formed around void zones to power machinery that splits human conciousness, leaving their physical bodies behind and causing an incorpereal form to spawn in a random place in the expanse.

Affetcs on MentalistsEdit

Mentalists are the only Archs that can succesfully navigate the dark expanse. Other Archs have been placed in the dark expanse but the ebinum atmosphere caused them to either go mad, remain detatched from their physical bodies, become infected and succumb to ebinum poisoning or simply return with no memory. It is also worth noting that a mentalist's abilities grow substantially while inside the dark expanse