Around the year 340 ATU after The Revelation society was starting to distabelise. The population of human beings with powers was on the rise to the point that one in five human beings were Hyperkinetic. It was in this time period that the first Mentalists were born, adding further discomfort to the majority of human beings that did not have powers. This uncomfortable status quo went on for 10 years as Mentalists started to gain a mastery over their abilities and misconceptions began to arise until certain religious and political groups began to openly condemn them. Eventually fights broke out and in a matter of weeks; major developed countries broke down into civil war.

Historical records began to falter at this point (this is a conspiracy in itself) but something happened that resulted in an entire city in China being destroyed in what many consider the advent of the void zone crisis. A group of mentalists and Hyperkinetics, along with class 0 response organisations (fire fighters, policemen, etc) were able to rescue some, but not all members of the city. This event lead to the realisation that class 1 and class 0 humans could co-exist and work together. The riots ended and in its place facilities were established to teach class 1’s how to use their gifts responsibly.