Asia, now known as the Asian Isles was one of the worst affected continents due to the events of The Upheaval having many parts of the continent have succumed to Void Zones and Chaos Storms. It is argued that Asia suffered the most due to the fact that it was previously the world's largest continent. Asia is now a group of landmasses primarily spanning the world's eastern and northern hemispheres spanning many cultures, ethnic groups and environments. Asia is now composed of the following subcontinents:


The Kri-Jin island chain is comprised of the southernmost parts of India, Siam and China. While considered a seperate Country, the dominant language is Chinese and shares a lot of resources with mainland China. Kri-Jin is very well known for it's military intelligence organisation and has a high concentration of Hyperkinetic Archs with wide variations of the ability almost unseen in other parts of the world.

Mid Asia

Mid asia is comprised of China, Tibet, Japan as well as remnants of Afganistan. The rest of the nations are near uninhabitable due to either void zones or Chaos storms. Mid Asia has a fairly even mix of all forms of alphas, however Elementalists still remain quite rare. China has grown to be one of the leading minds when it comes to the categorisation of Alphas as well as finding a wide variety of applications of the powers exhibited.