Prior to The Upheaval , Africa (now known fully as the African Subcontinents) was the world's second largest continent, but now Africa has been literally split into thirds and has had it's total population significantly reduced. Geographically the African Subcontinents are in more or less the same place as the African Continent used to be. Located near the center of Earth's equator and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Suez Canal, the Red Sea, the Indian and Atlantic Ocean, Africa remains one of the hottest and exotic locations on the planet. While the continent and its population keeps to itself, it is interesting to note that it has the highest concentration of Alphas on the planet.


The northenmost African Subcontinent is known as R'goti. The base of the subcontinent encompasses Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Ghana, Algeria, Mali, Spain, Portugal and various country fragments. Culturally, R'goti draws influence from all of the countries absorbed into the subcontinent however the language draws influence from Spain and Egypt while the countries traditions draw from a lot of Nigerian influence.

It is also this nation's league of explorers that unlocked the secrets of The Revelation and arguably bought Hyperkinetics into the world. It is interesting to note that the entire population can exhibit a form of alpha ability, comprising of roughly 50% Hyperkinetics, 35% Mentalist and 15% Elementalist.


The mid subcontinent, Midija is comprised of Primarily Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Congo and Rwanda. There are many surrounding countries but are currently inaccesible due to Chaos Storms. While this subcontinent has many connected countries, they remain quite disparate and is currently involved in a lot of infighting for domination of the subcontinent.

Similar to it's neighbour, R'goti, roughly 80% of it's population exhibit Alpha Abilities. Out of this population, 50% are Hyperkinetic, 40% are Elementalists and 10% are Mentalists. The non alpha population are generally shunned and mistreated. Due to the high population of Elementalists, Midija is in a particularly bad state.

South Africa

The remaining subcontinent while containing many counties including Angola, Zambia and Madagascar, the entire subcontinent is known simply as South Africa with English as the dominant language